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‘Rose’ being a word synonymous with romance, has bloomed brilliantly in the industry as just a flower. However, like all things natural, its hidden beauty lies in its astounding properties…

The AFZAL Ruhul War’rd Eye Drops contain pure rose extracts to enhance and clear your vision. Rose has properties of antibacterial and anti-septic functions and is an excellent natural form of eye-rejuvenation for tired eyes. Rose’s calming properties are used in the eye drops to promote a restful sleep by relaxing the strained eye muscles.

Do yourself a favour and prolong the mandatory use of prescription eyewear by forty – treat your eyes to a daily drop of Ruhul War’rd and enjoy the benefits:

  • Relax fatigued eyes

  • Returns the sparkle

  • Reduces infections

  • Kills harmful bacteria

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Relieves eye related headaches

Being a natural product, the AFZAL Ruhul War’rd is free of chemicals and can thus be used confidently without expiring.

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