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The study of Islamic Medicine is broad and diverse but ultimately comes down to the teachings and advices of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ pertaining to maintaining good health and the prevention and treatment of sicknesses.

The products listed below are a few of the most traditionally and culturally acclaimed natural ingredients with numerous benefits. They’ve been procured from their sources and tested to ensure that they meet our high standards of quality.
- Frankincense -

Used by several cultures for centuries, Frankincense (olibanum) is an aromatic gum resin harvested from the Boswellia trees. One of three gifts from the wise men who visited the Prophet Isa A.S. (Jesus), the uses and benefits of Frankincense are steeped in ancient wisdom. The burning of Frankincense has fragranced religious ceremonies, births, funerals and other important occasions.

Due to its antibacterial properties it has been most widely used as a form of disinfecting surroundings. As an anti-inflammatory, Frankincense Omani is typically consumed by steeping in water overnight and consuming the water, or chewing the gum resin. It is used by the Middle Eastern and North African communities to strengthen the oral cavity and improve stomach function.

Frankincense Omani
Edible & Burning
10g - R120.00
Frankincense Somali
10g - R60.00
Frankincense Gold
*Jasmine infused
10g - R60.00
Frankincense Multipack
A convenient set of Frankincense and Myrrh. Subject to availability.
Was R390; Now R350.00
Frankincense Sudani Edible & Burning
10g - Was R70; Now R50 

25g - Was R175; Now R125 

50g - Was R350; Now R250 
- Myrrh -

Along with gold and Frankincense, Myrrh was also gifted by the three wise men to the Prophet Isa A.S. (Jesus). Extracted from the bark of the Commiphora trees, the resin hardens and is harvested for multiple uses; most of which are similar to that of Frankincense. It is also used as an oral antiseptic and skin salve. It has been used to help regulate high blood sugar levels and is an effective antioxidant. Myrrh is characteristically darker in colour and has a slighter more bitter taste than Frankincense, which is relatively pleasant in flavour. When burned, Myrrh is effective in killing bacteria.


Myrrh - Pure (Edible)

10g - R300.00

Qustul Hind Mas'hooq (Costus Root Powder) -

A powder originating in the Himalayan regions, Qustul Hind has been widely used as a traditional and prophetic medicine with an impressive list of suggested health benefits for both topical and internal requirements such as:

Pleurisy, Tonsillitis, Headaches, Repels fever, Removes facial spots, Treats worm infections, Intestinal diseases, Asthma, General respiratory, digestive and excretory health

Qustul Hind Mas’hooq (powder)

10g - R80.00
25g - R200.00 50g - R400.00 

Shilajeet - Himalayan (Edible) -

A power-packed, organic tar-resin originating in the Himalayas. Consumed by bears post-hibernation, Shilajeet is highly sought after for its energy-enhancing, anti-ageing properties. Packed with more than 84 minerals and fulvic acid, the following are just a few of its innumerable benefits:

Slows progression of Alzheimer’s, improves energy levels, increases testosterone levels, gradually increases iron levels, may improve heart health, antiviral, antioxidant.

Shilajeet – Himalayan (edible)

5g - R300.00
10g - R600.00 20g - R1000.00 
(Save R200)

Musk Kasturi (Edible) -

A fragrance above the rest; Musk is known for its characteristic sweet and masculine scent. In terms of its nature, Musk is hot and dry, hence is used in the healing of ailments of a cold and wet nature. Available in its original granulated form or within the pouch itself, the following a few of its innumerable uses:

Strengthens internal organs, enhances the functions of the nervous and circulatory systems, provides relief from cancer-related pain, dissipates swelling, helps with excessive skin moisture, strokes.

Musk Kasturi (edible)

1g - R550.00
Musk Pouch – POA

Billisaan Oil (Badr) -

Extracted from a desert plant, Billisaan is a rare oil hailing from Badr, Saudi Arabia. It is characterized as ‘hot and dry’ and thus used to treat ailments of a ‘wet and cold’ nature. An invigorating and rejuvenating oil, Billisaan is widely used to treat chest ailments, joint pains, inflammation, congestion, liver strengthening, etc.

Billisaan Oil (Badr)

3ml - R300.00

Acacia arabica (Gum Arabic) -

Extensive research has been conducted internationally on the uses and benefits of the genus Acacia. Listed below are some of the benefits explored for the species arabica: (to be consumed as a lozenge till dissolved.)

Anti-diabetic, Antimicrobial, Anti-diarrheal, Prevents Impotency, Anti-mutagenic, Antibacterial, Antifungal

Acacia arabica (Gum Arabic)

10g - R120.00

Ithmid (Antimony/Surma/Kohl) -

Originally in the form a shiny rock, Ithmid is crushed into a superfine powder and used in the eyes to cleanse and enhance the vision. It helps in relieving eye pressure (glaucoma), removing excess moisture and elongates the eyelashes.

Ithmid (Grey)


Ithmid White Isphahani

Vanilla Beans (Madagascar Gold) -

An aromatic and delightfully fragrant pod of vanilla seeds widely used in flavouring during food preparation. Premium quality beans available.

Medium length

R65.00 each

Extra length
R95.00 each 

Disclaimer: The items listed above should be used responsibly, in small quantities and are not intended to diagnose any illness or disease. The information presented on this website is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. The user is advised to test a small amount of the product prior to continuous use.

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